Individual Prehab Fitness

Active methodology aimed at optimal health and preventing future complications

How does it work?

Exercises have a proven beneficial effect on the whole body. For this reason, their regular application can create a fuller, healthier and dynamic life. Prevention and prevention are extremely important because they prevent potential problems even before they occur. Therefore, prophylactic gymnastics has a wide range of applications. They can practice it:

  • Healthy people who want to keep their body healthy and vibrant;
  • People with chronic problems who want to maintain their condition;
  • People who want to improve their lifestyle;

What are the main benefits?

Targeted exercises achieve many health benefits. Through functional exercises we can see benefits in, but not only:

  • Cognitive: Studies show that trainees have higher concentration results than those who do not train;
  • Flexibility and mobility;
  • Cardiovascular health;
  • Improved glycemic control and insulin sensitivity;
  • Mood gain;
  • Lower risk of cancer;
  • Increased bone mineral density;

Through a properly implemented training program, the body adapts and becomes more effective in performing various exercises.

OKTO recommends

The program will take into account your individual needs to achieve optimal effect. All aspects such as age, current level of training, condition, etc. will be taken into account. The degree of difficulty will be dosed individually.

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