Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendon.

It is experienced as pain or strong sensitivity around the joint near the affected area. It may occur anywhere in the body, but usually in the shoulders, elbows, wrists and heels.

In more severe cases, the tendon is torn and surgery may have to be done.

Causes and symptoms:

  • Tendonitis may be provoked by traumatic injury, incorrect posture at work or at home, catching a cold (e.g. after exposure to an air conditioner), a lack of or inadequate warm-up before sports training.
  • The causes may be hidden in the body’s biomechanics such as the difference in length of legs or arthritis which cause damage to soft tissue.

Anyone could contract tendonitis but it’s usually seen in people older than 40. At that point, tendons are less elastic and get torn more easily.

Tendonitis may occur in almost any area of the body where the tendon latches on to the muscle. The most common places are at the base of the thumb, the elbow, shoulder, thigh, knee and Achilles tendon.

Symptoms include pain in the tendon and around it. It may occur suddenly or get worse over time.