Ancient Eastern procedure using needles for therapeutic purposes

How does it work?

One of the most interesting and fruitful methods known from ancient Chinese medicine is acupuncture. We offer acupuncture Sofia and through it we will help you regulate the energy centers in the human body. In various disease states, stress and fatigue disrupts the normal circulation of energy in the body. This prevents the movement of energy "qi" and leads to the inability of these energy points to perform their regulatory function.


OKTO acupuncture procedures focus on a variety of health conditions:

  • Muscle cramps;
  • Disc herniation;
  • Headache and migraine;
  • Joint and muscle pain;
  • Strengthening the immune system;

What are the main benefits?

Acupuncture treatment restores the normal flow of energy throughout the body and balances all processes in the body.

The medical explanation for the mechanism by which the effect of acupuncture is the increase in blood flow, as well as the activation of endorphins, which act as a natural painkiller. By placing these fine needles at specific points, the nerves, muscles and connective tissue are affected.

Biochemical reactions are activated by this technique of inserting and manipulating needles at different points in the body, which will help you soothe and reduce pain.

Additional information

Acupuncture is not a universal method of treatment and is a suitable addition as part of a more complex treatment.

Acupuncture is generally not a painful procedure.

There are points that are a little painful. The sensation in most patients is like light pressure, some patients experience warming or itching.

At OKTO, we work with brand new, sterile needles every time to avoid an infection.

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