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Inflammation of the facial nerve

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8 Jun

Inflammation of the facial nerve

The facial nerve is that one, which controls the muscles of the face. It allows us to make different facial gestures, to laugh or cry. It is the 7th cranial nerve from the all 12. Also it take part in our taste feeling.

Pathology with the 7th facial nerve could produce paralisys of the facial gestures musculature, weakness or involuntary contraction of some muscles of the face. There is an asymmetry between the affected half and the normal half of the face.

The paralyzed side is sluggish, flabby with impossibility of closing the eye.The mouth angle is staying closer towards the healthy side. It is very typical change in the taste receptors.

The reasons of damage of the facial nerve could be:

  • Flu
  • Trauma of the scull
  • Injury of the nervous system, including stroke
  • Infection of the middle ear
  • Herpes Zoster
  • Tumor

When in doubt of damage of the facial nerve, it is a must to check with a neurologist, who could make different tests and to understand the reason of the nerve inflammation. Therefore taking medicines on time it is extremely important. Exception are the pregnant women, who could not take most of the medicines.

The rehabilitation has an aim to restore the affected tissues. In our center “Physiotherapy Bio Center” we have a specific equipment , which could improve the conductivity of the nerve and the stimulation of the muscles. The procedure includes massage and exercises, which you must do in home as well. The time of recovery is different, depending on the damage of the nerve.


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