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8 Jun


With the term “neuritis” it is marked an inflammation reaction of the nerve from sensory or combinative type. It could have some structure changes in the nerve as well. When there is a damage of the sensory nerves you could experience tingling, burning pain on the length of the nerve. With the combinative nerves you could observe faint symptoms – muscle weakness, hypotrophy, lost of reflexes, paralysis.

The causes of neuritis are:

  • Trauma in the area of the nerve. The pressure or the damage of the wholeness of the nerve leads towards an inflammation reaction
  • Infections
  • Following diagnosis – diabetes, some autoimmune diseases – Multiple sclerosis and etc.
  • Deficit of some very important vitamins of Group B

If you feel pain, radiating to the length of the nerve of the upper or lower extremitas , or if you observe weakness or hypotrophy in some of the muscles, it is recommended to go to a neurologist, who could make the right examinations. Often they do an electromyograpfy, which is aiming to check the conductivity of the nerve.
After the diagnose, together with the prescribed medicines it is recommended to have a physiotherapy course , which is aiming regeneration of the nerve and stimulation of the affected muscles.


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