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Laser Therapy

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17 Jun

Laser Therapy

Physiotherapy uses laser beams from the visible and infrared spectra with high directivity and monochrome, in the range of 600-950 nm. These are low-energy lasers (soft lasers), which act on the tissues through photochemical and photoelectric effect, as the photothermal (thermal) effect is minimal and this determines their safety. Laser therapy works on the principle of stimulating cellular structures, increasing metabolism, ATP formation, transport of substances across membranes, accelerating cell regeneration and proliferation. Laser therapy also changes the excitability of nerve endings, increases microcirculation, swelling and pathological products. Effects related to stimulating the mechanisms of immunoprotection and sensitization have also been proven.

The Therapeutic effects are generally associated with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, regenerative, vasodilating, immune system stimulating and antimicrobial action.

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