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1 Feb


Scolisis is a disease of the spine, for which is typical the lateral (side) curvature. This curvature could be received in any segment of the spine – cervical, thoracic and lumbar, but the st affected area is thoracic ( pectoral) area.

In most cases . the reason that causes scoliosis is unknown, that is why we use the term ‘’idiopathic” scoliosis. It could be produced from other disease – inborn defects in the spine , cerebral palsy, pathologies in the connective tissues, tumors and others. According to some specialists it could have inherited predisposition.It is more common with the boys than the girls in age between 10-15 years old.

Scoliosis is a chronic disease, which could progress in the time. The range of the scoliosis could vary from a very superficial towards deep one. There is a 3- grade scale to measure it, which measures the angle of it:

0 – 20 degrees
20-40 degrees
> 40 degrees

Except for the lateral curvature of the spine , with the scolisis we could observe rotation of the vertebraes towards each other, while the near – by vertebraes produce second curves.

The light forms of the disease could be asymptomatic, while the deeper ones could limit the physical abilities. Often the symptoms are:

  • One shouder looks higher than the other one
  • The thorax is assymetrical
  • One hip is higher than the other one
  • The pelvis is rotated and affects negative the walking

The diagnosis is given from a specialist after a functional consultation on the base of Xray image. They calculate the angle of the curve (Cobb”s angle) and the situation of the scoliosis. When the angle of the curve is up to 20 degrees the therapists should make you an exercises plan to follow, which are aiming to strengthen the muscles, and yearly you have to make 2 consultations with your specialist. Between 20-40 degrees grade, together with the exercises ., it is prescribed wearing of corset, which helps to put the spine in the right direction. When the angle grade of the curve is more than 40 degrees it is recommended surgery treatment.

Mark Rogers

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