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Traumatic muscle injuries

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27 Apr

Traumatic muscle injuries

The tendons are made of connective tissue and colagen fibres.Their function is to transfer the force from the muscles to the bones and that is why the movement appears in the joint. Without tendons we could not control the body movements. More often the pathologies here are: tendinitis; tendinosis; tenosynovitis.

Tendinitis – it is an inflammation of the tendons. Usually it comes once at atime and the symptoms are: localised pain, swelling and hyperemia.

Tendinosys – it is a degenerationof the tendons. Usually the chronic tendinitis upgrades to tendinosys. The reason is often repetative microtraumas and the impossibility of the tissues to heal.

Tenosynovitis – here the tendons are covered, and the internal part is made of synovial membrane. She produces liquid, which is responsible for the minimal friction of the tendon within the muscle activity. The tenosynovitis is an inflammation of the synovial membrane, which if it is not treated lead to adhesions and to limitation of the movements.

The symptoms of all those three injuries are:

  • localized pain, which is increasing with movements
  • hyperemia
  • swelling

The main reasons for appearing are:

  • repetitive movements
  • continuously vigorous activities – like jogging
  • taking one position for long periods – dentists, musicians and etc.
  • often microtraumas

The physiotherapy here is aiming to eliminate the pain and the swelling; to improve the local blood-circulation; to activate the fybroblasts, which are taking important role for restore the tissue.


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