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Neck pain

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27 Apr

Neck pain

The cervical spine is built of seven vertebraes and in between them there are intervertebralis discs, which are “shockabsorbers”. They have stabilizing function and are allowing the cervical spine to move smoothly in all directions. The neck area is more mobile than the mid and low back, that is why the traumas are more often here.

болки във вратаThe wrong posture in front of the computer, tablet, smartphone every day could lead to a muscle disbalance, quicker amortisation of the intervertebral discs. A very high percentage of the people have a degenerative changes even in young age. With time passing by the intervertebralis discs are dehydradating and degenerating. The space in between them is decreasing and narrowing and therefore there is limited range of motion or pressure of the nerve roots.

More often complains and symptoms are:болки във врата

  • Sharp pain in a special point
  • Hypersensitivity in the area
  • Pain or tingling sensation with radiation towards the shoulder and the hand
  • Headache
  • Insomnia and dizziness.

If these symptoms are persisting more than one day it is important to check with your doctor and physiotherapist. When you are with wet hair and go to sleep straight away or when you have flu or a cold then you provoke a muscle inflammation – myositis. Usually it starts with morning sharp pain, which is increasing with pressure and movement.

One of very often conditions , because of wrong posture and the constantly looking down is protraction pose of the head. You can observe deep muscle disbalance. Besides all, this pose is increasing multiple the pressure on the vertebraes and it is a precondition for quicker degenerative changes in the spine and even for the appearance cervical disc herniation.болки във врата

In Physiotherapy “Bio Center” we believe , that the combination of qualitative appliances , manual therapy and the implementation of physical exercises is the right approach towards the treatment and the prevention of muscle-skeletal pathologies in the cervical spine.


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